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We are Nub News.

Our mission is to put “your town in your pocket”.

We want to make local news easily accessible on all devices, particularly mobile, without intrusive pop-up advertising, enforced surveys or clickbait. We will ensure that our content remains truly local.

We will provide local news, community news, what's on, local business listings, classifieds, jobs, property and obituaries - all the staples of a good local newspaper.

Our Principles

  1. Local news - getting to the heart of your community

  2. No fake news or clickbait

  3. A pleasant read for you, the user

  4. No annoying overly-intrusive ads, pop-ups or surveys

  5. Promote the community and get the community talking

  6. National issues impacting at the local level

  7. Support local businesses and promote the High Street

  8. High professional standards, integrity, accuracy and fairness

  9. Sustainability

  10. Promote local causes and charities

Contact Us

Nub News Limited
27 Old Gloucester Street
Phone: +44(0)208 123 6591
Email: [email protected]